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Oman Car Insurance Overview

The success of Oman Insurance Company is based on a sophisticated combination of the most modern technology as well as traditional insurance broking. The company has grown to become one of the biggest insurance firms within the Gulf region. They currently has offices located at Oman, Qatar, and an affiliate in Turkey along with 12 branches within the UAE.

Consumers can purchase life, health, travel and home insurance along with car insurance. Oman Insurance also offers motor fleet insurance for businesses who own several cars in your fleet or own a commercial vehicle or trucks.

Oman Insurance was founded in 1975. Since then, its CEO is Belgian Jean-Louis Laurent Joli, who was previously the CEO for AXA Asia. With a revenue of $1.25 billion, and more than 650 employees (according the data from ZoomInfo) Oman Insurance plans to expand even more. In March of 2020, it was announced in the press that Oman Insurance was considering bidding for the Middle Eastern operations of the French insurance giant AXA.

Why buy Oman Car Insurance?

Oman car Insurance has more than 100,000 customers who have their insurance for motor vehicles. Along with having many more office locations than other UAE insurance provider, Oman car Insurance offers a network of A-rated garages, agency partnerships, as well as dedicated insurance for high-end cars.


Every driver within the UAE requires third-party insurance for legal driving within the country. The Oman Car Insurance third-party plan covers you from any obligations against the property or persons that are owned by a third-party in the event of an accident for which you are determined to be responsible. It covers bodily injuries as determined by the UAE court and property damage to third parties that exceeds AED 3,000,000, and ambulance coverage that goes up to AED 6,770.

If you’re looking for a bit of extra protection but don’t want to purchase full coverage There are a few additional benefits, such as personal accident insurance for the driver and passenger up to AED 200,000 and roadside assistance.

Comprehensive coverage covers property damage from third parties up the amount of AED 350,000, a personal accidents for the driver and passengers that exceed AED 200,000, medical emergency costs up to AED 5,00 per person. Agency repairs for up to three years, personal injury for driver and spouse while embarking/disembarking from the vehicle up to AED 30,000.

Personal belongings protected up to AED 5,500 per year, driving in Oman (although the excess is doubled). Emergency roadside aid (24-7) year-round), courtesy car cash reward (7-day maximum) as well as windscreen coverage that can be as high as AED 3000 (no excess) as well as insurance for natural catastrophes as well as strikes, riots and civil and civil (SRCC) and off-roads for vehicles equipped with this capacity Valet parking and theft.

With over 1500 members from the Privilege Club, Oman car Insurance has the highest number of luxury vehicles insured than any other insurance company within the UAE. Premium vehicles (also known as high net-worth motor) coverage is available for cars worth more than AED 500,000. Customers are provided with the highest limits for their insurance, as well as access to a unique claims procedure and special rates for any other vehicle either you or your partner own, but are valued less than AED 500,000.

Oman car Insurance Premier Cover provides five years of repairs to the agency (extendable) ambulance coverage up to AED 6,00, medical emergency costs up to AED 5,500, personal injury up to AED 30000, personal possessions up to AED 5,005, comprehensive support for roadside emergencies, damage to windscreens of up in excess of AED 10,000 (with no additional) (with no excess) allowance of up at AED 300 per calendar day.

replacement of locks up to AED 3000, 12 month GAP, with options for European coverage and track-day insurance for selected customers, a luxury car as a courtesy vehicle, a comprehensive insurance policy with high limits, a dedicated repair and claims team with an exclusive number for contact for third-party property damage of that exceeds AED 5,000,000, protection for your other vehicles or natural disasters. parking valet theft that exceeds the amount of insurance.

Oman Insurance is the only company in the UAE (that we are aware of) with a specific insurance package specifically designed for Tesla automobiles. It was developed in collaboration with Tesla UAE InsureMyTesla package InsureMyTesla plan offers complete access to Tesla experts and protection for your charger, paintless repair as well as tire and rim repairs and high liability limits.

five years of repairs by an agency and third-party property damage of that exceeds AED 5,000,000 in damages or loss to the vehicle up to the amount insured, ambulance coverage that can be as high as AED 6,770. Also, you can get courtesy cars that can be used up to AED 10,000. Off-road coverage for 4WD vehicles, personal accident coverage for driver and passenger up to AED 200,000.

Emergency medical costs up to AED 5,500, personal injury up to AED 30000, Platinum Plan support for roadside emergencies, with the possibility of insurance coverage for Oman and Qatar as well as natural disasters as high as the amount insured, personal possessions up to AED 5,500, windscreen damages as high AED 10,000 (no excess) and lock replacement up to AED 3,300, and a 12 months GAP.

Value Added Extras

Not just is it the case that Oman car Insurance has a large range of insurance for cars and services, but it also provides top-quality services for both the bricks-and-mortar and digital realm.

There are 700 experts waiting to assist customers, offices throughout the Emirates and an extensive network of 12 garages that are partners. If you prefer to shop on the internet, you’ll receive 10% off if you purchase your insurance on the internet. The company’s emphasis on the convenience of online shopping has resulted in the development of 25 digital services and more are in the pipeline.

A great example is the AssistPal application, which enables users to request assistance from a roadside in case of emergency. There’s also their brand new digital claims system, which cut the time to handle claims by 50% and was introduced in the summer of 2020. Therefore, it’s probably no surprise that they’ve got 86% satisfaction with their customers.

Extras in car Insurance

Oman Car Insurance Claims Process

Before you can make your claim, make sure you be prepared with the required documents:

  1. The insurance policy number
  2. Driver’s license
  3. Copy of your Registration card (or Mulkiya)
  4. Police report and report reference number
  5. A copy of the Emirates ID card

The most efficient method to file an claim with Oman car Insurance is through their claims portal online, which includes downloadable guides to filing a claim. Alternately, you can contact them at 800 405 or send an email to with the relevant documents attached.