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Noor Takaful (Watania health Insurance)


Starting on the journey to health and well-being in the UAE involves choosing the right partner for financial protection. Formerly known as Noor Takaful, Watania Takaful has emerged as a prominent player in the insurance landscape. In this guide, we explore the essence of Watania Takaful health insurance, making the complex world of insurance accessible and user-friendly.

Best Noor Takaful Health Insurance Plans in the UAE

Noor Takaful offer a two main health insurance plans in dubai , each catering to unique health needs. From basic coverage to comprehensive family plans, understanding the best options available ensures you make an informed decision aligned with your well-being goals.

Noor Takaful Plans are:

1- Individual Plan

2- Group Plan

Plan NameMedical Cover (AED)Pharmacy LimitLaboratory Service
Dependent Enhanced 11,50,000Annual Limit AED 1,50020%
Dependent Enhanced 21,50,000Annual Limit AED 1,50010%
Dependent Enhanced 31,50,000Annual Limit AED 1,500NIL
Dependent Basic1,50,000Annual Limit AED 1,50020%
Watania Health Insurance UAE

Features Of Watania Health Insurance

Understanding the features and benefits of Noor Takaful health insurance is key to maximizing its value. From wellness programs to emergency coverage, explore the advantages that contribute to your overall well-being.

1- Family Care Product

Annual Aggregate Limit
Overarching total limit for all benefits and sub-limits.
AED 1,000,000
Geographical Scope of Coverage for Elective & Emergency TreatmentWorldwide
Coverage Criteria for Treatment outside UAECoverage outside UAE is limited to 90 days per treatment A single holiday or business trip may not exceed 90 days
Applicable Network
Available Options:
& Out Patient treatment restricted to Clinics Only
From 10 PM to 8AM Out Patient treatments access is available at Network
Underwriting terms and coverage criteria for Preexisting, Chronic conditions:– All pre-existing medical conditions should be declared in the Medical Application Form and is subject to medical underwriting.
– All declared Pre-existing and Chronic conditions are covered with a sub limit of AED 150,000/-
– Undeclared pre-existing conditions will not be covered during the policy period and will be underwritten at renewal.

2- In-Patient Benefit

Hospitalization ClassPrivate Room
Hospital Accommodation and related ServicesCovered
Intensive care unit and coronary artery disease treatmentCovered
Various therapies including physiotherapy, chemotherapy, radiation
therapy etc
Recipient Organ transplantation service, excluding any charges related to
Use of hospital medical equipments (e.g. heart and lung support systems
Ambulance Services (in Medical Emergency only and if followed by
Companion Room & Board expenses for Beneficiary below 16 years of age

The cost of accommodation of a person accompanying a beneficiary below 16 years of age in the same room in cases of medical necessity at the recommendation of the treating doctor and with prior approval
Covered maximum up to 100 AED per night
Repatriation costs for the transport of mortal remains to the country of
Covered up to AED 7,500/-

3- Out-Patient Benefit

Physician ConsultationCovered with below deductible options:
– Covered with Co-pay of 20% max 50 per consultation
– Covered with Co-pay of 20% max 75 per consultation
Diagnostics and Laboratory Tests
Covered with below copayment options:
– Covered with 0% co-pay per invoice
– Covered with 10% co-pay per invoice
Physiotherapy (Require pre-authorization)Covered up to 15 sessions/ Per member Per year
*Approval protocol for Free access at network providers will follow DHA guidelines

4- Other Salient Benefits

Day care TreatmentCovered
Out Patient SurgeryCovered
Emergency Mental health TreatmentsCovered
Work Related InjuriesCovered
Emergency Dental treatment for accidental damage to natural teethUnder this benefit the treatment required within three months following accidental damage to sound natural teeth caused by a violent external means when the treatment is given by a Physician, dentist or dental surgeon is covered.

*No treatment will be covered after 3 months of the accident.

**Treatment required as the result of the consumption of food or drink or any foreign bodies contained in such food or drink is not covered.

Noor Takaful Health Insurance Inclusions

CoverDependent Enhanced 1Dependent Enhanced 2Dependent Enhanced 3Dependent Basic (Married Female)Domestic Worker with maternityDependent Enhanced 1
Male/Female (Age 55-64) without maternity
Married Female (18-64) with maternity2,0252,7853,035
Annual Benefits limitAED 150,000AED 150,000AED 150,000AED 150,000AED 150,000AED 150,000
Co payment
Examination Services Co payment20% (Max AED 25)20% (Max AED 25)20% (Max AED 25)20% 20% 20% (Max AED 25)
Laboratory Services Co payment20%10%NIL20%20%20%
Prescription Drugs co payments30% (Annual Limit AED 1500)10% (Annual Limit AED 1500)10% (Annual Limit AED 1500)30% (Annual Limit AED 1500)30% (Annual Limit AED 1500)30% (Annual Limit AED 1500)
All prices mentioned above are exclusive 5% VAT and Basma Fund 38.85 AED

People also ask

What types of health insurance plans does Watania Takaful offer?

Watania Takaful offers a range of health insurance plans, including basic coverage, family health plans, and specialized plans tailored to address specific health concerns.
1- Individual Plan
2- Group Plan

Can I customize my Watania Takaful health insurance plan to suit my individual needs?

Yes, Watania Takaful provides customizable health insurance plans, allowing you to tailor your coverage based on your unique health requirements and preferences.

What preventive care initiatives are included in Noor Takaful health insurance plans?

Noor Takaful emphasizes wellness with various preventive care initiatives, which may include routine check-ups, health screenings, and wellness programs designed to keep you in good health.

How does the claims process work with Watania Takaful?

Watania Takaful has a straightforward claims process. You can file a claim online or through customer service, and the step-by-step guide ensures a smooth experience during unforeseen medical circumstances.

Are there additional coverage options available with Noor Takaful health insurance dubai?

Yes, beyond standard coverage, Noor Takaful provides additional options such as dental coverage and wellness programs, allowing you to enhance your health insurance plan based on your needs.

What factors should I consider when choosing a Noor Takaful health insurance plan?

Critical factors to consider include coverage limits, network providers, policy flexibility, and any specific needs you may have. Understanding these factors ensures you make an informed decision aligned with your well-being goals.


In conclusion, Watania Takaful’s commitment to user-friendly health insurance solutions reflects a dedication to the well-being of individuals and families. As you navigate the diverse plans and benefits, remember that choosing Watania Takaful is not just a financial decision but a strategic move towards a healthier tomorrow.